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Fully Managed SOC-as-a-Service

Monthly Subscription Based Service where we own, manage and monitor 24/7/365 Turnkey SOC and SIEM product for your organization

Hybrid/CO-Managed SOC-as-a-Service

Customer owns the SIEM/Security Solution, we co-manage and monitor it 24x7 with our SOC

Customized SOC Service

We will work with you to build a unique solution that meets your needs, budget, and timelines.

SOC Security Operation Center

  • Securitisys SOC-as-a Service – Managed Security Operations Center Advanced threat Intelligence, Expert Defenders. Your 24/7 Security Armored shield

    Safeguard your business with our premium SOC-as-a-Service - 24X7 Security Monitoring of your IT assets, network, and cloud infrastructure, preventing your business from any unforeseen consequences. Cyber threats are evolving faster than with new threat vectors emerging every day. Add in the complexity of cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications and the cybersecurity expertise needed to protect and stay ahead of the threats. If you are struggling to maintain security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, staff a mature security operations center, incident response team around the clock. We are here to help.

    We offer Fully managed SOC, Hybrid or Co-Managed SOC, to give you the peace of mind and protection you need at a fraction of the cost to maintain on your own.

    Why Securitisys 24x7 SOC-as-a-Service Provider

  • Hire us as your Armored Security Shield

    Strengthen your Security posture with our highly skilled and expert security team and reap the capabilities of a modern security operations center without the investment.

  • Premium Quality at Industry Beating Price

    Benefits of a mature SOC without the cost, complexity, and time investment.
    No Onboarding & Transition Fee
    Monthly Subscription
    Monthly contracts

  • 24x7 Eyes-on-screen Security Monitoring

    Actual humans working around the clock utilizing machine learning and advanced AI techniques.
    Security monitoring of advanced cyber threats across on-premises networks, cloud environments, applications, and endpoints.

  • Stay ahead of the latest threats

    Detects emerging and evolving threats with continuously updated threat intelligence
    SOC analysts identify and validate threats, working with your incident response team to guide and automate response and remediation

    Are you looking to build an In-House SOC?

  • Why not outsource your SOC Operations to a SOC provider trusted by many Fortune 500 companies? Securitisys Inc. Turnkey SOC-as-a-Service – Get the time advantage back to focus on your core competency by achieving true digital resilience with the help of our security experts Prevent, Detect, and Mitigate cyber-attacks with Securitisys Turnkey Fully-Managed 24x7 SOC-as-a-Service and strengthen your IT infrastructure.

    Why do you need our services

  • Securitisys’s 24×7 Security Teams work around the clock to monitor, detect, and respond to cyber attacks before they have the chance to impact your business.

  • 24x7 eyes-on-screen Monitoring.

    Our 24×7 SOC-as-a-Service ensures security is monitored around the clock by expert team of professionals.

  • Protect your organization

    Securitisys’s 24×7 Security Teams work around the clock to monitor, detect, and respond to cyber attacks before they have a chance to impact your business.

  • Vendor Agnostic Approach

    Fully Customized to your unique requirements. Our vendor agnostic team supports all the industry leading security solutions

  • Managed Risk & Compliance

    Compliance with standards like PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, FFIEC, NERC CIP, CMMC and FISMA

    Ready to take control of your Security?

  • We are here to help

    Reach out to schedule a demo with our team and learn how Securitisys SOC-as-a-Service can benefit your organization

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